Early Childhood Resource Center (ECRC)

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What is ECRC’s Purpose?

The Early Childhood Resource Center is maintained by the Kansas Inservice Training System and designed to provide access to a continuously updated collection of materials on topics related to children birth to eight who are identified with special needs.

Who Can Borrow These Materials?

The Early Childhood Resource Center has been established primarily for the use by those individuals who work with children with disabilities and their families in the state of Kansas. However, materials requests are also filled for other individuals who work with any young child in the state.

What is the Checkout Policy?

Items are checked out of the Early Childhood Resource Center for a 3 week period. Items that other patrons have requested and are waiting for, will not be renewed. A patron returning an item may request to be put at the bottom of the waiting list for the item. Although we have set no limit on the number of items a patron can check out, we request that a patron not check out more items than they can examine in a three week period.

Items will either be mailed using the Postal Service or sent UPS, depending on the weight of the item. Patrons requesting the material/s will be responsible for the return postage and are expected to either return the item by the date due or contact the ECRC about the possibility of renewal.

Items will be mailed within 2 business days of the request unless the requested item is already checked out. For items already checked out, patrons will be placed on a waiting list in the order that requests are received. If a patron has items that are overdue, they will not be allowed to check out other items until the overdue items are returned or renewed.

Materials that are lost, or damaged due to wear beyond normal use, will be the responsibility of the borrower to replace and will result in an invoice for the replacement of the materials being sent to the borrower.

If you have questions about this policy, or about the use of the ECRC site, please contact:

Early Childhood Resource Center (e-mail link)
2601 Gabriel
Parsons, KS 67357
Phone: (620) 448-3067
Fax: (620) 421-0671