High School ECE Pathway

Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) Career and Technical Education (CTE)


All Kansas students are engaged in quality career pathways to prepare them for a lifetime of opportunities as productive and responsible citizens. (Summer 2013)

Early Childhood Development and Services

The Early Childhood Development and Services pathway focuses on the careers relating to meeting the needs of children (birth to age five), be they providers in home, community, educational or institutional settings and includes child growth and development, nutrition, recreation, planning and supervising learning activities; child abuse and neglect prevention, working with parents and the legal and administrative requirements of the field. This industry impacts the Kansas economy by close to $1 billion when both the $340+ million of provider earned income is combined with the over $640 million value of their parents who can work because they have care. Careers range from preschool teacher to child care center manager with annual salary ranges from $17,000 to $103,000.  This is a high demand field and expected to grow as policies related to expanding quality early care access and kindergarten readiness are made.

KCCTO Early Childhood Pathway Course

KCCTO has partnered with school districts across the state to work towards building an educated early childhood professional workforce by providing training opportunities to high school students in Early Childhood Development and Services pathway CTE programs. Through this partnership, KCCTO provides initial training through special sessions of the Foundations for Safe and Healthy Early Care Facilities Module. This special session is offered during the fall and spring.  A KCCTO Professional Development Specialist will facilitate the course while working with the high school CTE teacher.  The KCCTO Professional Development Specialist offers virtual coaching and support to any high school student enrolled in the course.  

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