Individualized Professional Development Plan

What is an Individualized Professional Development Plan?

An Individualized Professional Development Plan (IPDP) is a customized path to reach professional growth. 

An IPDP is a tool that guides you through the process of reflecting on your strengths and interests, as well as determining areas that may benefit from additional focus.  The information you gain from this process will provide the framework for setting individualized goals for increasing personal knowledge, skills, and expertise. 

Why is it important?

An effective IPDP helps you: 

  • evaluate your current knowledge, skills, and expertise through a process of self-reflection
  • identify areas for further growth that can inform the development of individualized goals document professional development and growth

What does an IPDP look like?

The Kansas Early Childhood IPDP includes the following:

  • self-assessment
  • goal setting
  • guidance for finding professional development opportunities to develop your knowledge and skills and meet your goals

The current IPDP self-assessment is focused on the Core Competencies for Early Childhood and Youth Development Professionals (Kansas and Missouri). Additional self-assessments are in development.

Let’s get started!

The first step is accessing the IPDP tool. There are currently two ways to view the Kansas Early Childhood IPDP. You can use the online hub for an interactive, step-by-step guide for creating your own IPDP or download and print a hard copy.

Have questions about your IPDP?

Connect With Us – we’ll put you in touch with a KCCTO Professional Development Specialist!