What We Do

What does ITSN do?

KCCTO-KITS ITSN provides varying levels of support to early childhood professionals across the state: 

On-site visits: include coaching, professional development advising and support using quality improvement plans

Short- or long-term consultation: scheduled or unscheduled contact with any ITSN staff where a request for information or assistance takes more than an hour of staff time, requires consultation with others (ITSN staff or other professional partners) or requires more than a single follow-up contact

Intensive technical assistance plans: individualized, intensive technical assistance is provided by request or referral with priority given to providers and programs serving infants and toddlers and whose families receive subsidies.
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Technical Assistance Packets: information packets on specific topics to support infant-toddler and preschool service programs in the state of Kansas.
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Virtual Kits: relevant and reliable web-based resources on topics important to our field and our practices
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Communities of Practice: virtually scheduled interactive opportunities to connect within communities or statewide on a variety of topic areas to provide additional information and resources 

Training: ITSN specialists encourage child care providers to participate in online courses and in-person training

  • KCCTO online courses – KDHE approved to meet child care licensing professional development initial and annual requirements
  • In-Person training – the ITSN team offers KDHE approved in-person training at no cost

Benefits for you at NO COST!

Topics, resources, and supports are matched to your individual needs. For example:

  • How do I meet the needs of a toddler with special needs?
  • How do I work with families to establish daily care routines for their infant?
  • How do I support an English Language Learner?
  • How can I create meaningful learning experiences for infants and toddlers in my care?
  • Where can I find resources on developmental milestones?

How can I receive ITSN support?

Reach out to an ITSN Specialist directly using the contact information on the ITSN Who We Are page, or fill out our Connect With Us form online.

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