KCCTO’s Statement on Social Injustice

At KCCTO, we believe every child deserves exceptional care and that every child care provider in Kansas should have the resources to make that possible. Our mission is to ensure high-quality early education and care through professional development and support for those who work with, and on behalf of, young children.

We recognize the critical role that early childhood professionals have in the growth and development of young children as well as the essential nature of respect for all members of the early childhood professional community. We embrace the scientific literature in child development that strongly suggests that, from birth, children are learning about themselves and their world and that these experiences are formative to all further development and well-being. Thus, building an anti-bias environment, one founded on respect for all human life, is our responsibility. Therefore:

  • As a member of the early childhood professional community we support the statements by NAEYC and the DEC.
  • As an entity committed to the development of the early childhood workforce, we support the statement by the Early Educator Investment Collaborative.
  • As a member of the Kansas State University community we support the statement by President Meyers.


The following resources may support your conversations with children and families about developing positive relationships, building community, addressing racism and social injustice.

Online Resources

Book Resources

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