Racial Equity and Early Childhood Education


Young children notice and think about race. Adults often worry that discussing race will encourage racial bias in children, but the opposite is true. Educators can play a powerful role in helping children of all ages develop positive attitudes about race, diversity, and skills to promote a more just future- but only if we talk about it!
In this introductory course on racial equity in early childhood, examine the history of education regarding race and equity, identify unconscious bias in lived experiences, then explore how unconscious bias can impact how environments are designed, activities are planned, and strategies used with young children.
This course is appropriate for all early care and education professionals in center-based and family child care settings.


Course Details

  • Cost: $5.00
  • KDHE Approved:Yes
  • Clock Hours:3
  • Agency:KCCTO WFD
  • CDA Subject Area:3 - 3 - Social and Emotional Development
  • KS/MO Core Comp Area:VIII - Professional Development and Leadership

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