Creating a Child Care and Early Intervention Partnership

Child care providers are familiar with typical development and would be in a position to alert families and make referrals for early intervention if they had concerns about a child’s development.   However, many child care providers are unfamiliar with the referral process and are hesitant to have a difficult conversation with families. In addition, many children under the age of 3 attend child care programs, which are a natural environment for those children. Early Intervention programs and child care programs should create a partnership to ensure that children and families gain access to services if needed and that they continue the relationship to embed interventions in child care, an additional natural environment for the child. This course is appropriate for early care and education professionals working with infants and toddlers and Early Intervention service providers.


Course Details

  • KDHE Approved:Yes
  • Clock Hours:2
  • CDA Subject Area:6 - 6 - Professionalism
  • KS/MO Core Comp Area:VIII - Professional Development and Leadership
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