Credit Hours: 3 KDHE clock hours

CDA Subject Area
  • 5 - Program Management
Course Level
  • Level 3
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Content Area
  • Health & Safety

This course supports the child care center and staff on becoming more prepared during cases of emergency. The intent of this course is to help child care center administration and staff evaluate current emergency policies and procedures for various situations they may face. For child care centers, the expectation of providing policies regarding tornado and fire drills, but this course will help administration and staff look deeper into the variety of emergency situations such as winter weather, intruder, and earthquake that could affect their program while children are in care. The course also provides child care center staff more information on how to prepare their child and parents to understand how to be safe and calm in emergency situations in developmentally appropriate ways.  This is a follow-up course to Sound the Alarm:  Emergency Preparedness in Child Care.  Meets 3 of the 4 hours of the Annual Health and Safety Topic Requirement.

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