Each KCCTO online course is set up the same way:

  • Home Page. The home page includes announcements, tips, and your Training and Technical Assistance (T/TA) Specialist's contact information.
  • "Start Here" Button. Clicking "Start Here" on the course home page takes you to the course introduction and material.
  • Course Introduction. The introduction includes information about the course, a check-in-quiz to ensure you understand the information, and an Introduce Yourself*discussion assignment.
  • Course Material.** Courses include course topic material, quizzes, and discussions.
  • Course Gradebook. Your T/TA Specialist will update your gradebook periodically throughout the course session. Check your gradebook by clicking the Grades option on the left-hand menu bar of your course. T/TA Specialists will make comments on any assignments that might need revision.
  • Course Evaluation. We appreciate your feedback of your experience with our courses. A course evaluation is provided at the end of every course.

*The Introduce Yourself discussion is VITAL. You must login and complete this step prior to noon on the Monday during the course session in order to remain in the course.
**KCCTO online courses are trainer facilitated. This means that a KCCTO T/TA Specialist will read all of your responses to discussion boards, post his/her own comments, and update your gradebook.