Courses and Training FAQs

Online Courses

When are KCCTO online courses available?

KCCTO online courses are available during scheduled one to two-week sessions.

• Regular course sessions start on a Thursday at noon and end the following Thursday at noon (one week long).
• Foundations Module course sessions start on a Thursday at noon and end on the second Thursday at noon (two weeks long).

TIP: We always suggest that you begin the courses as soon as you can on Thursday or Friday so you can contact KCCTO before the weekend if you have any questions.

When can I log into my courses?

On the morning of the course start date, you will receive a username and password (hang on to it!). This email will arrive no later than 12:00 p.m. noon, at which time you will be able to log in and begin your course(s).

TIP: Add and to your contacts as safe senders to ensure you receive important correspondence regarding your course(s). If you do not receive your email from KCCTO, check your spam or junk folder.

During the scheduled course session, you can access your course at any time of the day or night. You can log in and out as many times as you need. In fact, we don’t suggest that you complete the course in one sitting for two reasons:

1. KCCTO courses are interactive, which means you will need to respond to other participants and the course trainer. If you are the first person to start the course, you will need to return to the course before the end date to respond to other participants.
2. Some courses include assignments that ask you to do an activity in a child care setting and then log back in to post about the activity.

What software or other computer operations will I need for an online course?

KCCTO uses the Canvas learning management system for all online courses. You can access courses from desktop computers or laptops, tablets, or mobile phones using any up-to-date internet browser. If you are a tablet or mobile user, you can also download the free Canvas Student App. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Canvas Student App Tutorial (Institution = KCCTO)

Some KCCTO online courses include videos that require a strong internet speed. These videos may require sound – prior to viewing any course videos make sure to locate your volume controls and turn your sound on.

What do KCCTO online courses look like?

Each KCCTO online course is set up the same way:

Home Page: The home page includes announcements, tips, and your Training and Technical Assistance (T/TA) Specialist’s contact information.

“Start Here” Button: Clicking “Start Here” on the course home page takes you to the course introduction and material.

Course Introduction: The introduction includes information about the course, a check-in-quiz to ensure you understand the information, and an Introduce Yourself discussion assignment.

Course Material: Courses include course topic material, quizzes, and discussions.

Course Gradebook: Your T/TA Specialist will update your grade book periodically throughout the course session. Check your grade book by clicking the Grades option on the left-hand menu bar of your course. T/TA Specialists will make comments on any assignments that might need revision.

Course Evaluation: We appreciate the feedback of your experience with our courses. A course evaluation is provided at the end of every course.

How do I complete my online course?

You must complete the “Introduce Yourself” discussion assignment no later than Monday at noon (the 4thday of the course). If you do not complete the “Introduce Yourself” discussion before this deadline, you will be removed from the course and will need to retake it at a later date. Please keep in mind that you must complete the “Introduce Yourself” in all courses that you are enrolled in during a given session. For example, if you are enrolled in three courses during a session, you will need to complete the “Introduce Yourself” discussion for all three courses before noon on Monday.

Be original: You are responsible for providing original content in discussions and quiz completions. You will not receive credit if you copy course discussion responses from course materials or other participants’ posts.

KCCTO Training and Technical Assistance (T/TA) Specialists facilitate KCCTO online courses. T/TA Specialists read and score all discussion board posts by participants. These scores are in the course grade book. You may view your grade book by clicking the Grades option on the left-hand menu bar of your course. T/TA Specialists will make comments on any assignments that might need revision. Overall course completion is determined on the quality of work and time spent reviewing course material.

If you have any questions about whether you have completed all course requirements, please contact your T/TA Specialist before the last day of the course. T/TA Specialists finalize grading the day after the course has ended, after which time you will receive a notification via email regarding your completion or non-completion status.

Courses are not extended beyond the listed session dates.

How do I contact my online trainer?

KCCTO Training and Technical Assistance (T/TA) Specialists introduce themselves at the beginning of each course and provide directions for how to get in touch with them. Our T/TA Specialists want to support your success in completing your courses! 

During your course, you can contact your T/TA Specialist directly through the online course messaging system or by calling the KCCTO office during business hours.

You may call the KCCTO office at any time during business hours, even when you are not actively taking a course, to speak with any of KCCTO’s T/TA Specialists with any questions related to working with children.

How do I get my certificate of completion?

Certificates are mailed or emailed electronically after the course session is over.  You will choose your preference at registration. 
• Mailed certificates will take 10 business days to process and mail after the course end date.
• Emailed certificates will be sent within 3 business days after the course end date.

Lost your certificate? No sweat! If you did not receive or lost your certificate, we will provide a copy by email at no cost. These requests require 2 business days for processing.

What if I don’t complete my online course?

You have one chance to retake a missed course: If you do not complete a course, you can request a one-time transfer at no cost. It is up to the you to email or call the KCCTO office to request a transfer. Transfers for incomplete courses can only be processed for the same course title and the same participant. If not successful the second time, you will need to register and pay again for the course.

There is no partial credit given for any course: You must complete the course in its entirety to receive a certificate of completion.

No previous responses are saved: If you need to retake a course, you must begin from the beginning of the course and complete all assignments in order to receive a certificate of completion. Your work from your first attempt will not be saved or carried over.

TIP: KCCTO’s Foundations Module includes 10 topics and is approved for 18 KDHE clock hours. We encourage all participants registered in the Foundations Module to begin as soon as possible in order to have plenty of time to complete all required assignments. The Foundations Module is available during sessions that are two weeks long in order to provide additional time for participants to complete all assignments. 

Can I save the course information?

1 Year Access: Once you complete a course, you will have access to the material for one year. You can log back in at any time during that year to review the course material or reach out to a KCCTO Training and Technical Assistance Specialist with questions.

No Freebies: Even though you will have access to the material for a year, please keep in mind that KCCTO course content is not for distribution, copying, saving, or downloading.

In-Person Training

Where are in-person training events typically held?

Statewide: In-person training events are held in communities all across the state. On our courses page, you can search for upcoming in-person training by county using the Location filter.

Registering for Courses/Training

How do I register for an online course or in-person training?

Visit our courses page and search for courses that meet your needs. Add the course(s) to your cart and check out using a secure PayPal payment process.

Online course registration deadline: The registration deadline for all online courses is the Monday prior to the course start date. You must submit payment by the end of the day on the Monday before the course start date in order for you to be enrolled in the course.

In-person training registration deadline: The registration deadline for in-person training depends on the date of the training. Check each offered date on our course page for the registration deadlines.

Refund deadline: The refund deadline for all online courses is the Tuesday prior to the course start date. You must request a refund by 5:00 p.m. the Tuesday before the course start date in order for you to be refunded and removed from the course. Refunds or requests for session changes cannot be processed after this deadline.

Your contact information: KCCTO needs the accurate name, email, and phone number of the person taking the course. We need this information to ensure you have unrestricted access to the course information and so KCCTO Training and Technical Assistance (T/TA) Specialists can contact you if needed regarding your progress in the course.

Supervisors: You may include your supervisor’s email address when you register if you would like your supervisor to be included in official communication from KCCTO (for example, confirmation of registration and completion emails).

Registration confirmation: Once registered, KCCTO will send you an email within 2 business days confirming your enrollment in your selected courses. This email serves as your receipt and includes confirmation of payment, course title(s), and course session dates.

How do I register and pay for multiple people at once?

Programs enrolling 10 or more staff at once may request a group registration form. This form must be requested each time your program wishes to enroll 10 or more staff in courses. Contact KCCTO for details.

What type of payment does KCCTO accept?

Debit/credit cards or PayPal accounts: You can pay for your courses with any major debit or credit cards or a PayPal account. Online registrations are processed through a secure PayPal payment portal.

Checks: You may submit a registration online and mail a check. Once you submit your registration, print the order summary and mail it to KCCTO with a check. KCCTO will not process your registration until the check is received. KCCTO must receive your check by 5:00 pm on the Monday prior to the course start date in order for you to be enrolled in the course.

Invoicing: Center-based programs may enroll in invoicing with KCCTO. Invoicing allows centers to pay in bulk for multiple people rather than paying individually for each. Contact KCCTO for details!

What if I need accommodations for online courses or in-person training?

If you require language or disability-related accommodations, contact the KCCTO office. KCCTO will work with you to ensure you are able to successfully access the course or training.