Please review and follow these guidelines carefully for all online courses.

These policies and procedures are current as of July 1, 2017 and will be updated as needed. 

  • Be on Time: Sessions will go from Thursday at noon to the next Thursday at noon.  This means that the course starts at noon on Thursday and ends at noon the next Thursday. You must complete the pre-assessment by Tuesday at 12 noon to remain in the course.
  • We have weekends too: The KCCTO office is not open during the weekend. Our hours are M-F, 8-5.  Trainers will respond to emails within 24 hours.  

Registration and Getting Started

  • Be an Early Bird: Don’t wait to register! Online registration needs to be completed the Monday before the course starts by 5:00 p.m. that day. 
  • Give Us Your Info: The participant that is registered for the course must provide their direct email so that we can ensure they have unrestricted access to the course information from KCCTO and the course instructors. 

Course Participation & Materials

  • Spare Yourself Any Tech Headaches: Log into your online courses before the weekend to make sure you can get in and everything is working. This gives us enough time to provide assistance if needed.
  • Work Gradually: There is no required time of the day during the course session that you must be logged into the course.  It means that you can log in and out of the course as many times as you need to complete the reading of the content, posting responses and completing any quizzes within the course. We urge you to not wait until the last day to complete the course.
  • You Must Complete a Pre-Assessment: Online course participants must login and complete the pre-assessment by the Tuesday at noon within the course session.  This will prevent the participant from being removed from the course because of inactivity.  We are closing the pre-assessment in all of the courses as of the Tuesday at noon.
  • Be an Original: The person registered in the course is responsible for providing original content in discussions and quiz completions. Course discussion responses may not be copied and pasted from course materials or copied and pasted from other participant's previous posts.
  • No Freebies: KCCTO course content is not for distribution, copying, saving, downloading and use outside of KCCTO staff and trainers.  

Course Transfers

  • Stay in Your Lane: Refunds or requests for session changes cannot be processed after the Tuesday prior to the start date. 
  • You Have One Chance to Retake a Missed Course: Participants who do not complete a course can request a one-time transfer at no cost. It is up to the participant to email or call the KCCTO office to request a transfer. Transfers for incomplete courses can only be processed for the same course title and the same participant. If not successful the second time, the participant will need to register and pay again for the course. 

Course Completion

  • Congrats, Graduate! KCCTO's online instructors determine completion in courses. They read each participant's responses and determine through those responses and time spent in the course that the participant has a general understanding of the content.
  • You Snooze, You Lose: Courses are not extended beyond the listed session dates.
  • Lost Your Certificate? No Sweat! When participants didn't receive or lost their training certificate, we will provide one (1) copy by email at no cost.  A $5 fee will apply for requests of a mailed copy of a certificate.This fee must be paid before mailing. These requests require 48 hours for processing. 


Just ask! If you have any questions about a specific course, please ask your course instructor. Instructors will introduce themselves through email on the first day of the course.