Working with Children in a Mixed Age Program


Children grow and learn naturally in mixed-age groups. However, it can be challenging to balance safety, active learning, and the individual needs of each child with mixed ages in one group. Examine strategies and adaptations for meeting the needs of a mixed-age group of children in family child care or in center-based programs. Study how to plan learning activities that include children of mixed ages and mixed developmental levels. 

This course is appropriate for all early care and education professionals in center-based and family child care settings. 


Course Details

  • Cost: $5.00
  • KDHE Approved:Yes
  • Clock Hours:3
  • Agency:KCCTO WFD
  • CDA Subject Area:1 - 1 - Safe, Healthy Learning Environment;2 - 2 - Physical and Intellectual Competence
  • KS/MO Core Comp Area:II. Learning Environment and Curriculum

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May 16 - May 23
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