Training Module: Creating Successful Mixed-Age Group Experiences


Each child brings a uniqueness to your child care program and with their presence creates a new dynamic that requires mindfulness and reflection on the part of the provider. Being able to create experiences for all children to participate in can build your program’s community and culture.  

Allowing the space to be utilized for learning, getting messy, for peer-to-peer learning and support, and for continuity to grow between families and children the success of the mixed-age group will be seen with each and every experience the children have with you. This eight-week training module looks at factors that can create both the benefits and continuity when working with mixed-age groups to create successful and responsive experience.  

Next, the module will explore the importance of creating responsive lesson plans which focus on adaptations to supports group learning experiences for all children within the child care setting. As most providers understand, having go to resources, an activity or material library, and general issues with space for mixed-age groups can be challenging. In the module, we will go deeper into details to support those elements for successful group experiences. Finally, the module will be digging in deeper to using reflection in supporting the provider with the implementation of any activity and lesson plan.  

In this training module, explore lessons and begin to apply that information into your skills and practices; engage in peer-to-peer learning through online discussion forums and two live Zoom sessions. Create a focus area statement that will guide your activities centered on working with a mixed-aged group. Reflect on your progress towards increasing your skills in supporting all children in a mixed-aged group. 

This eight-week training module has weekly assignments, including online lessons, discussion forums, and personal reflective journals. In addition, there are two (2) live Zoom sessions on Thursday evening at the end of weeks four (4) and seven (7) and a one-on-one support appointment with your trainer (scheduled by you). 

This training module is appropriate for early care and education professionals currently caring for mixed-age care groups, infant/toddler, and preschool or school-aged children in any license-type setting. 


Course Details

  • Cost: $20.00
  • KDHE Approved:Yes
  • Clock Hours:12
  • Agency:KCCTO WFD
  • CDA Subject Area:2 - 2 - Physical and Intellectual Competence
  • KS/MO Core Comp Area:II. Learning Environment and Curriculum

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May 23 - July 18
Online Training

Registration Deadline: May 13

Seats remaining: 15

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