KCCTO’s COVID-19 Response

KCCTO Services

We are still here with our online courses and beyond! Reach out to us.  We are available to assist you any way we can through coaching, mentoring, resources, or any other type of support we can provide.  We are here to help during this time of uncertainty.

Just remember that YOU ARE IMPORTANT to the children, the families, your community and our state! The work that you do is vital to all other professions being able to do their job.

  • How to Reach Us
    • Please reach out to us by email at kccto.inc@gmail.com or by phone at 785-532-7197 or 800-227-3578. If a KCCTO staff member is not available to take your call, we will check messages daily and do our best to respond within 24 hours.
  • Certificates
    • If you requested a printed certificate be mailed to you, please note that KCCTO will not be able to process these requests until staff are able to return to normal working operations at the office. Upon completion of a KCCTO course, you will receive an emailed certificate of completion attached to your official Completion Email.
  • Refunds
    • If you would like to cancel a course and request a refund for the cost of registration, please note that these requests may be delayed. KCCTO will continue to follow normal refund policies, but may be delayed in processing the actual refund requests.
  • In-Person Training
    • KCCTO and KCCTO-KITS ITSN have canceled/postponed all in-person training in the state scheduled until further notice. This also includes on-site technical assistance to individual programs.
  • Relevant Online Training
    • Foundations for Safe and Healthy Early Care Facilities Module is FREE for a limited time – through September!
      • During this limited time special, individuals cannot register for this course if they have previously completed it. Register now!
  • Health and Safety Training
    • Are you a DCF provider, or working to become a DCF provider? You can receive FREE initial DCF and Health and Safety training!
    • When registering for Health and Safety courses with KCCTO, use the code DCFHero at checkout to get $15 off the cost of registration.
      • This code is valid one time per user
      • This code is valid only for Health and Safety courses. Select the Quick Filter Annual Health and Safety Courses to view upcoming courses.
      • This code is valid through September 30, 2020.
  • Not a DCF provider, but interested in becoming one?

State and National Resources