Friday Night Live: Fill Your Pitcher Before You Pour! Promoting Adult Resilience

Teaching young children can bring great joy and satisfaction as well as tremendous stress. Teachers who feel stressed, tired and overwhelmed are at risk for burn out and are challenged to provide high quality care. The connection between teacher well-being and children’s healthy development is explored in this session that focuses on adult resilience. Resilience is defined as “the ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortunate or change.” A resilient individual experiences challenges, but has learned the skills, habits and behaviors to buffer these risks and move forward. In this session, participants will learn about four research-based areas that are essential for adult resilience: (1) Healthy relationships; (2) Self-regulation; (3) Initiative and (4) Internal Beliefs. These four areas of resilience (called protective factors) are examined and strategies shared. Participants will walk away learning how to incorporate small changes into their daily routines that emphasize self-care.

This live virtual training requires you to be visible on screen throughout the training using a webcam or front-facing camera.  Details about access to the live virtual training will be provided via email the day of the event


Course Details

  • KDHE Approved:Yes
  • Clock Hours:1.5
  • Agency:KCCTO
  • CDA Subject Area:3 - Social and Emotional Development
  • KS/MO Core Comp Area:Health and Safety
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