August 22, 2019 to August 29, 2019

Registration Deadline Aug 19 by 5:00 PM Central Time

Agency: KCCTO

Type: Online

Content Area: 
  • Families & Communities
CDA Subject Area: 
  • 4 - Relationships with Families
  • Center Based
  • Family Child Care Professionals
  • Infant/Toddler Teachers
  • Preschool Teachers
  • School Age Care

Geographic Location: Online

KDHE Approved: Yes

Hours: 4 KDHE Clock Hours

Cost: $15

Course Description

This Kansas Children's Service League eLearning course is made available with a partnership with KCCTO and Kansas Families and Schools Together, Inc.  As a professional who works with children and families, you have unique relationships with parents. You are a trusted expert on child development, and an adult who truly cares for others' children. You may also be one of the first people to notice when a family is struggling. Early care and education professionals can feel empowered in the role they play in the prevention of child abuse and neglect, not just as mandated reporters when a child has already been hurt, but in the many ways professionals can make a difference in strengthening families through specific protective factors and ideas that can be implemented right away.

In this course, participants will learn about the strengthening families framework and understand the impact protective factors have on children and families. Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) along with child maltreatment will be discussed in relationship to building resiliency and supporting five key protective factors. Finally, participants will be able to identify program strategies that help families build protective factors, and will identify key strategies that can be implemented in programs and homes.  Meets 4 of the 4 hours of the Annual Health and Safety Topic Requirement.


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