March 13, 2019

Registration Deadline Mar 4 by 5:00 PM Central Time

Agency: KCCTO

Type: Community-Based

Content Area: 
  • Health & Safety
CDA Subject Area: 
  • 3 - Social and Emotional Development
  • Administrators
  • Center Based
  • Family Child Care Professionals
  • Infant/Toddler Teachers
  • Preschool Teachers
  • School Age Care

Geographic Location: Kansas City

KDHE Approved: Yes

Hours: 2 KDHE Clock Hours

Cost: FREE (Pre-Registration is required)

Mindfulness is a state of being consciously aware of the present moment, feelings, thoughts and bodily responses.  Mindfulness practices have been linked to increased calmness, empathy, and decreased stress.  As we know, children and adults experience daily stressors that can become too intense over time without the proper techniques to manage that stress.  This course looks at mindfulness practices that foster resilience, and can be used by adults and taught to children.


Community Based In-Person Training Registration