May 2, 2019 to May 9, 2019

Registration Deadline Apr 29 by 5:00 PM Central Time

Agency: KCCTO

Type: Online

Content Area: 
  • Learning Environment & Curriculum
CDA Subject Area: 
  • 2 - Physical and Intellectual Competence
  • Family Child Care Professionals
  • Infant/Toddler Teachers
  • Center Based

Geographic Location: Online

KDHE Approved: Yes

Hours: 3 KDHE Clock Hours

Cost: $10

Course Description

Art experiences are essential for infants to explore on a daily basis. Learning about the world around them is fostered through the experiences provided by responsive child care providers. Each new opportunity to experience art in a natural way will provide the opportunity for an infant to learn and build upon existing knowledge. As infants grow and experience sounds, tastes, and visual stimuli thru art, the infant is gaining cognitive understanding of the world around them. This course is designed for child care providers to gain a better understanding of the importance of art, as well as how to incorporate art into the daily activities, environment, and lives of infants.


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