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Last Event: March 2017

5 KDHE clock hours | $40 


Join us in Manhattan at the Hilton Garden Inn Conference Center with Keynote, Stuart Stotts.  Mr. Stotts is an author, storyteller, educator, and songwriter.  He's sung with and performed for kids and families in schools, libraries, and community settings around the world since 1984.  Stuart is a Kennedy Center teaching artist and a frequent presenter at educational events, keynoting conferences and leading workshops for early childhood and elementary school teachers, librarians, and social service professionals around the country.  

His keynote presentations are funny, practical, engaging, and based in everyday practice and experience.  Although the topics may vary, Stuart always emphasizes the importance of story, relationship, brain-based research, and on-going learning in striving for improvement and success.  

2017 Mad Hatter Agenda

  • 8:30 | Check In
  • 9:00 | Stuart Stotts, Music and the Connection to Brain Development

In this keynote session, participants will explore key brain development concepts, such as, relevance, repetition, and relationship, and will learn songs and activities that can enhance optimal learning and growth in cognitive, social, physical, and emotional areas.  Participants will have time during the keynote to discuss and work in small groups to make connectionsto their own work and to plan for their own growth in including music with their children.

  • 10:45 | High Tea
  • 11:00 | Stuart Stotts, Keynote Continued
  • 12:00 | Lunch
  • 1:00 | Stuart Stotts, Importance of Storytelling

In this session, participants will explore the key elements of oral narrative.  They will have the opportunity to work in small groups to practice these elements, and to reflect on how to integrate storytelling more deeply into their work with children.

  • 2:00 | Stuart Stotts, I'm a Teacher Not a Babysitter

In this session, participants will explore their personal journey in the field of early childhood.  They will look at the larger cultural and societal picture of early childhood education, and explore their own roles as advocates and learners in the field.

  • 3:00 | Maddest Hat Award

What is the Mad Hatter Tea Party?

The Mad Hatter Tea Party is an annual professional development event for any and all individuals that work with young children. This event is hosted by KCCTO as a full day of training for early childhood professionals interested in promoting literacy through various content areas.  In previous years, attendee's included family child care providers, center based teachers/staff, administrators, school district teachers, music therapists, and children's librarians.  This event truly is for everyone!  Each year there has been a different content focus to include litarcy through arts in 2014, literacy through science and math in 2015, and literacy through movement in 2016.  The learning experiences with the Keynote are ones that are designed with the content, participants, and theme in mind.  

Previous Participant Comments:

"Thank you for this opportunity.  I can tell how much planning and work went into this event!  It was great.  All of the special touches (teacups, ribbons, candy, etc.) were noticed and appreciated.  The Keynote was delightful and I wish I could have gotten more colleagues to join me.  Thanks again!!!"

"I liked the variety of activities covered (movement, instruments, transitions, and books).  This was truly wonderful and I feel inspired to use these ideas in my practice."

"I would like to thank you for an amazing tea party.  I am always impressed by KCCTO's events."

"The speaker was so dynamic and made learning fun and easy!  This workshop was great!"

"It was most excellent!  Thank you so much--I thoroughly enjoyed everything!"

"The theme was fun and got everyone in the mood to participate.  Thank you for the books, great food, time to meet and learn from one another."