December 14, 2017 to December 21, 2017

Registration Deadline Dec 11 by 5:00 PM Central Time

Agency: KCCTO

Type: Online

Content Area: 
  • Program Planning & Development
CDA Subject Area: 
  • 5 - Program Management
  • Family Child Care Professionals

Geographic Location: Online

KDHE Approved: Yes

Hours: 3 Clock Hours

Cost: $10

Course Description

Understanding how to market your family child care business can be challenging.  This course covers general marketing strategies for family child care businesses, as well as strategies for developing a marketing plan.  Tom Copeland, JD is the leading authority on many family child care business topics and the curriculum for this course is based on his Family Child Care Business Curriculum:  Marketing. The course was developed for online with permission from Redleaf Press.


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